National Pickle Day!…recipes from the collection

Tomorrow is National Pickle Day.  Try out one of these recipes to celebrate.

Pickles Illustration - Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs Favorite Recipes

Image from Favorite recipes.

Chunk Pickles - Farmville

Chunk Pickles from The Farmville cook book.

Yellow Squash Pickles - Heavenly Delights

Yellow Squash Pickles from Heavenly delights.

Chopped Raw Pickle - Koerner's Folly Cookbook

Chopped Raw Pickle from Körner’s Folly cookbook.

Hot Green Tomato Pickles - What's Cookin' in 1822

Hot Green Tomato Pickles from What’s cookin’? in 1822.

Dill pickles - The Charlotte Cookbook

Dill Pickles from The Charlotte cookbook.

Cinnamon Bud Pickles - Southern Cookbook

Cinnamon Bud Pickles from Marion Brown’s southern cook book.

Easy 1 Jar Sweet Pickles - Heavenly Helpings

Easy 1 Jar Sweet Pickles from Heavenly helpings, seasoned with love : recipes collected from great cooks past and present of White Oak Baptist Church, Archer Lodge, NC.

USED 11-15 response Angie's Pickles Cut Crossways - The Grass Roots Cookbook

Angie’s Pickles Cut Crossways from The grass roots cookbook.

USED 11-15 response Swiss Chard Pickle - The Grass Roots Cookbook

Swiss Chard Pickles from The grass roots cookbook.