So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 6

1. The term “Final Four” was first used to describe the NCAA basketball championship held in what city?

2. True or false: Chautauquas, a popular adult education movement in the late 1800s and early 1900s, owe their name to an Indian village in North Carolina.

3. In Bruce Springsteen’s “Cadillac Ranch” (1980) who is “runnin’ thru the woods of Caroline”?

4. On June 13, 1956, Oren Pruitt of Charlotte became the first fatality on a Piedmont Airlines flight. How did he die?

5. What 1831 event led the city of Raleigh to put all free blacks under arrest and a grand jury there to indict abolitionist editor William Lloyd Garrison for sedition?

Answers below….







1. Greensboro. A recap of the 1974 season appearing in the annual Official Collegiate Basketball Guide mentioned Marquette as “one of the final four in Greensboro.”

2. True. Chautauqua was the name of the Tuscarora settlement that preceded New Bern. Tuscaroras who migrated to upstate New York gave the name to Lake Chautauqua, where the first community assemblies were held.

3. Junior Johnson.

4. Traveling with his wife on a honeymoon trip to Asheville, Pruitt had been drinking. Finding the restroom in use, he opened the DC-3’s rear stair door by mistake and fell 6,500 feet into a Shelby cemetery.

5. The Nat Turner Rebellion, in which slaves in Southampton County, Va., just over the state line, killed more than 50 white men, women and children.