New in the collection: I. Beverly Lake campaign card

Campaign flyer for I. Beverly Lake

“RALEIGH – Dr. I. Beverly Lake has not forgotten.
“On the outbox on his secretary’s desk is a phrase from the 1960 campaign: ‘The principles for which we fight are eternal!’….

“The same phrase hangs framed on his office wall…. Another wall is dominated by a blue and white flag he describes as an ‘unsurrendered battle standard’ from his grandfather’s Confederate brigade.”

— From “Dr. Lake is likely to run for governor again in 1964” by Joe Doster in the Charlotte Observer (July 8, 1962)

Lake did indeed run again, but finished third in the Democratic primary behind Dan K. Moore, the eventual governor, and L. Richardson Preyer. He was the state’s last major political candidate who espoused absolute segregation.