New in the collection: ‘Elvis, An American Musical’ pinback

Pinback with photo of young Elvis and with words Elvis: An American Musical, Ovens Auditorium, January 26 through 29, 1989
” ‘ELVIS IS ALIVE!’ In a way, the tabloids scream the truth. This, the 11th summer since the King’s death at 42, has been one of the busiest of his entire afterlife….. Now, to cash in on all the postmortem Presleymania, comes ‘Elvis: An American Musical.’

“A $3 million, 50-song, multimedia homage to the King, the road show stars…  three Elvii, each portraying Presley at various stages of girth and career….”

— From “Elvis Is So Dead It Takes Three Impersonators to Bring Him Back to Life…” by Steve Dougherty and Doug Lindeman in People magazine (Sept. 12, 1988)

Despite multiple schedule and name changes, the tour did in fact make it to Charlotte, but not so – as had been hoped — Broadway.

3 thoughts on “New in the collection: ‘Elvis, An American Musical’ pinback”

  1. Technically, it did make it to Broadway. It played at the Beacon Theatre, 2124 Broadway NYC for about a month in 1989.

    1. Yes it did, Bill. I was the arranger/orchestrator/musical director and you were my brilliant sound designer for our keyboards.

  2. It did indeed, I was the assistant carpenter on that show from the construction until the end of the show.
    James Sorce
    Hope everything is well with you Bill. I’m glad you took the Job.

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