Mia Hamm at UNC

As the college soccer season gears up, University Archives staff have unearthed some records from a golden era of women’s soccer at UNC.

Mia Hamm playing for UNC in 1992. Photo credit: Sports Illustrated Magazine, December 1992

Mia Hamm was at the height of her powers while playing for coach Anson Dorrance on the UNC women’s soccer team from 1989-1994. Hamm led the Tarheels to four NCAA championships, and finished her collegiate career as the Atlantic Coast Conference’s all-time leading scorer in goals, assists, and points.

Although we may remember Brandi Chastain’s jersey-stripping antics at the 1999 Women’s World Cup, it was Mia Hamm’s earlier goal that propelled the team toward victory. Through that and subsequent tournament wins (including Olympic gold medals in 2000 and 2004), Hamm helped change the way the world viewed women’s soccer. Hamm continues to be remembered as one of the University of North Carolina’s greatest athletic alumni.

The following memoranda were written by Associate Director of Athletics Beth Miller and Director of Athletics John Swofford, regarding some of Hamm’s achievements at UNC.  These documents form part of the Records of the Department of Athletics (#40093) in the University Archives in Wilson Library.

Memo from Beth Miller to Mia Hamm, January 21, 1993. Records of the Department of Athletics, #40093, University Archives
Memo from John Swofford to Coach Anson Dorrance, March 28, 1994. Records of the Department of Athletics, #40093, University Archives