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If one of your New Year’s resolutions includes eliminating soda from your diet, you may want to reconsider. Drinking Pepsi may do for you what it did for eight-month-old Emma Woodley. As a result of daily consumption of this beverage, Miss Woodley’s parents claimed that Emma acquired a “disposition as sunny as the clime of […]

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One of our catalogers recently pointed out this interesting item: “Bonus, Bona, Bonum: Duke University Cheer-Leader’s Creed (Nightmare of An Old Grad after a Home-Coming Game).” Composed and written by Bob Durham and dedicated to John Durham, the score seems to be some sort of satirical look at college life and athletics. The cataloger also […]

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This Month in North Carolina History Late in January 1890 the five largest tobacco companies in the United States completed a series of meetings stretching back for almost a year and agreed to combine their operations into the largest tobacco manufacturing corporation in the world. The American Tobacco Company, chartered under the laws of New […]

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