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He-Man Burgers from Miss B.’s first cookbook : 20 family-sized recipes for the youngest cook. Caramba! Burgers from Mario tailgates NASCAR style. Veggieburger from The cat who– cookbook. Burgundy Burgers from The Farmville cook book. Paul Bunyan Burgers from Favorite recipes. Lentil Burgers from Vegetarian delights : a hearty collection of natural food recipes. Whopper-Burgers from Carolina […]

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 On this day in  1942: In Hollywood, Roy Acuff records “The Wreck on the Highway,” based on a real-life accident in Rockingham. The melancholy song will become a country-music classic and a staple of Acuff’s long career, but it was first recorded (as “Crash on the Highway” or “I Didn’t Hear Anybody Pray”) in Charlotte […]

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