This page contains descriptions with links to timelines that present a sequential look at notable events that occurred during various stages of Hugh Morton’s photographic career.  The timelines are PDF documents that can be accessed by clicking on the name of the timeline.
The UNC Years

Hugh Morton enrolled as a University of North Carolina freshman in the autumn of 1939.  His camera was stolen “when he first came to campus, and it wasn’t until “the winter of 1940” that he purchased another camera at a Raleigh pawn shop.  By 1941 he was dubbed “100-shots-a-week Morton” as he worked as a freelance photographer for various city newspapers such as the Charlotte News and the Greensboro Daily News, and several UNC publications.  Morton photographs first appeared in March 1940 issue of Carolina Magazine, a student publication.  In September 1941 he became the staff photographer for the student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, and in 1942 the student body elected Morton to be editor of the 1943 edition of the UNC yearbook, Yackety Yack.  The outbreak of World War II, however, curtailed Morton’s senior year as he enlisted in the United States Army on 29 September 1942.  Morton returned to campus at least once, possibly twice, while on furlough to help complete the yearbook and contribute photographs to the May 1943 issue of Carolina Magazine.

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  1. Well, I learned something! I had never heard the story about Hugh’s camera being stolen when he enrolled at Chapel Hill. Kinda like someone stealing the Pope’s miter. Regards, Julia

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