Where the Heel?, Part XV

Thanks to the suggestions of one of our dedicated readers and donors, Mr. Lew Powell, we’ve decided to try something new for the fifteenth edition of “Where the Heel?”. This time, the slogan is from one of the three-dimensional artifacts in the North Carolina Collection. As usual, we have digitally deleted the name of the place in the scanned image and you can click on the image for a larger view of the item. Do you know where in North Carolina was known as the “Land of Enchanting Waters?” Or, I suppose, do you have a guess as to where the North Carolina Firemen’s Convention met in August of 1926? If you think you know, leave your guess as a comment. And once someone guesses it right, I’ll put up an unedited version of the artifact’s image.

And here is the unadulterated image:

Check back next week for our next installment of “Where The Heel?”

9 thoughts on “Where the Heel?, Part XV”

  1. Although enthusiastic because I have heard that phrase used in connection with New Bern, I realize after some digging that my enthusiasm was likely misplaced. I therefore retract that answer, and I’ll keep mum.

  2. You are right, Clark, it isn’t New Bern. However, New Bern is the home of a Firemen’s Museum, an interesting coincidence. And it isn’t Mashallberg either. But good tries gentlemen. Keep those guesses coming, everyone!

  3. Kevin Cherry, you are correct! But which one is correct? Before we could even respond with a yea or nay, you had already submitted another one! However, you got it right with your first answer…Morehead City. I will add an unadulterated version of the badge at the end of the blog posting.

  4. We forgot to include some additional information on the pin, which comes from the Lew Powell Memorabilia Collection. According to Mr. Powell, the badge is a “die-cut celluloid with a chain and pin probably intended to fit in the wearer’s lapel.”

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