Where the Heel?, Part XVI

Our newest “Where the Heel?” is another artifact from the collection. Again, I have digitally deleted the name of the place in the scanned image (which is much harder to do on a 3-D object than on a flat one, so please forgive the less-then-perfect image). What do you think? Does the “City of Electrical Energy” sound familiar to you? Leave your guesses as comments!

4 thoughts on “Where the Heel?, Part XVI”

  1. Good job Caitlin! That was fast! It is in fact, Charlotte. The city did have another slogan at the time that this button was made (c. 1910): “Watch Charlotte Grow.” This shriners’ button, however, references the new addition of electricity to the city thanks to the James B. Duke and his power company.

    I’ll add a copy of the original image to the bottom of the blog entry, so that you can see an unedited picture of the button.

  2. We forgot to include some additional information on the pin, which comes from the Lew Powell Memorabilia Collection. According to Mr. Powell, “Watch Charlotte Grow” was the city’s most familiar slogan, [but] this Shriner’s button (ca. 1910) is a nod toward James B. Duke’s bringing power to town.”

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