The Death of Ensign Worth Bagley

Wow, did the month of May sneak up on the NC Collection!?!? We are six days late in posting the latest installment of “This Month in North Carolina History.” So….if you were anxiously checking your feed reader and awaiting this entry, here you go and I apologize.

For this month’s entry, Harry McKown examines the death of Ensign Worth Bagley on May 11, 1898.

Let’s hope June doesn’t sneak up on us in the same way.

One thought on “The Death of Ensign Worth Bagley”

  1. percentage of north carolinians killed in spanish-american war honored with monuments: 100…..

    lt. william shipp’s obelisk is in charlotte…

    “Amongst a grove the very straightest plant
    William Ewen Shipp First Lieutenant
    Tenth Cavalry U. S. Army
    Born: August 23, 1861
    Killed at San Juan, battle of Santiago: July 1, 1898.”

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