Raleigh sees the light (and doesn’t like it)

“In 1932 the Junior Chamber of Commerce proposed that Raleigh adopt daylight saving time. A hearing was held, supporters attended in force and city commissioners voted unanimously in favor of DST — to take effect only two days later. No other locality south of Baltimore had taken this step.”

“State government, however, rejected DST outright. Federal offices also remained on standard time, as did colleges, hotels, trains, airlines, and other enterprises catering to people from out of town. The News & Observer declared the city had been ‘two-timed.'”

“Confusion mounted, protests were raised, and commissioners quickly ordered another hearing. This time the preponderance of speakers called for repeal. Commissioners switched back to standard time that very night at midnight, only four days after daylight saving had begun.”

–Condensed from “Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious History of Daylight Saving Time” by David Prerau

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