2 thoughts on “Climb The Cape Lookout Lighthouse!”

  1. This, I believe, is the beginning of an NC “bucket list.” Things that should be done in NC:

    1) Climb the (fill in the blank) lighthouse
    2) Attend Love Feast at Home Moravian
    3) Hike (what part?) of the Appalachian Trail
    4) Eat a fried candy bar at the State Fair while attending some livestock show
    5) Listen to the music at Fiddler’s Grove
    6) Walk the mile-high swinging bridge at Grandfather’s mountain
    7) Attend a dirt track race at ?
    8 ) Take the waters (and eat the country ham) at Shatley Springs
    9) Tube the New River
    10) Attend ACC tournament

  2. Speaking of tall buildings and postcards, does anyone know who the architect was for the tall, skinny skyscraper known as Citizens or possibly Security National Bank in downtown Raleigh (filename P077-3-197.)? It’s long gone but was very beautiful and must have had a good architect…..whose name is a mystery so far. Would love to add it to our NC Architects and Builders biographical dictionary website here at NCSU Libraries.

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