Nothing could be finer than to be a ‘fambly’ in ‘Cah’lina’

“When mornings get nippy, as they must even in Carolina, and black Emma swings along the road, kitchenwards, and sees a glint of frost on the rail fences, then some lucky family in ‘Cah’lina’ is going to get meat pie for dinner.

“And such a meat pie! Big, deep, steaming — with a flaky, brown crust crimped so becomingly on its circumference and pierced twice in the center….

“You serve it invariably, as black Emma’s ‘fambly’ has found out, with Heinz Tomato Ketchup….”

— “Miss [Josephine] Gibson, of the Home Economics Department, H. J. Heinz Company,”  quoted in an ad in the Delineator magazine (October 1930)

However acclaimed, Emma seems not to be the woman depicted serving the meat pie.