The best hot dog in Wilson

Postcard of Dick's Hot Dogs
It’s lunch time as I write, so I’m thinking with my stomach. And my stomach is wishing that it and the rest of my body was in Wilson. Today’s Raleigh News and Observer features a mouth-watering article about one of Wilson’s culinary treasures. Sadly, work keeps me here in Chapel Hill today. But the next time I’m on the road in Wilson County, I plan to check out Dick’s Hot Dog Stand.

The postcard above and the three photos below (from Wilson Public Library and available to you via the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center website) provide you with a look at Dick’s inside and out.,3810,3811,3786

Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of the secret to Dick’s longevity. You’ll need to check out the N&O’s image gallery to see a Dick’s hot dog.

Time to eat!

Whites could watch Dizzy (but, please, no dancing)

On this day in 1945: A dance and show at the Charlotte Armory features the Nicholas Brothers and 27-year-old Dizzy Gillespie (who is still playing a conventional trumpet — his famous upturned bell will result from a serendipitous 1953 mishap).

Admission is $1.50 – “white spectators, 75 cents.”