Was Lost Cause out of place on Veterans Day?

“On Veterans Day an ad featuring this 1896 artwork took up two-thirds of a page in the Jacksonville (N.C.) Daily News.

“Above the image were the words ‘Remembering all the gallant men who wore the Gray on Veteran’s Day — Deo Vindice,’ and below it was a quote from Major R.E. Wilson, CSA: ‘If I ever disown, repudiate, or apologize for the Cause for which Lee fought and Jackson died, let the lightning’s of Heaven rend me, and the scorn of all good men and true women be my portion. Sun, Moon, Stars, all fall on me when I cease to love the Confederacy. ‘Tis the cause, not the fate of the Cause, that is glorious!’

“This ad would more appropriately run on Confederate Memorial Day. If someone truly believes the Confederate States of America was a sovereign nation, then why  remember its heroes on a day set aside to remember veterans of the United States military?

“Stuff like this really diminishes my interest in the Civil War. Too many people still fighting it, too many thinking the South will rise again and a Lost Cause that simply won’t get lost.”

— Excerpted from Andrew Duppstadt’s blog, “Civil War Navy, the History Profession and other Historical Musings” (Nov. 13)