So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 24

1. What is Carolina muddle?

2. In Look magazine’s 1956 issue on “The South vs. the Supreme Court,” what North Carolinian contributed “The Case for Segregation”?

3. “To such an open declaration by the Marion businessmen that they will assist Capital to choke Labor, can there, on the part of workers, be any conceivable answer save the most militant and universal and immediate organization of trade unions?” Who wrote these words about the Marion Manufacturing Co. strike that left six workers shot dead?

4. True or false: In antebellum North Carolina, towns such as Edenton, Fayetteville and Wilmington required free blacks to register and to wear cloth badges on their left shoulder bearing the word “FREE.”

5. The movie “Cold Mountain,” set in the N.C. mountains, was filmed mostly in what country?





1. A thick fish stew found in eastern North Carolina and Virginia, especially the Outer Banks.

2. Sen. Sam Ervin.

3. Sinclair Lewis. His newspaper coverage was collected in the pamphlet “Cheap and Contented Labor: The Picture of a Southern Mill Town in 1929.”

4. True.

5. Romania.