So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 25

1. With what other state does North Carolina share the subject of its statehood quarter?

2. Name the three largest “-boros” in North Carolina.

3. True or false: The first use of “redneck” noted by the Oxford English Dictionary, in 1830, referred to North Carolinians.

4. What musician — a graduate of Laurinburg Institute in Scotland County — is credited with popularizing the hipster facial hair known as the soul patch?

5. A Congressional investigation in 1965 found that North Carolina had the most active chapter of what organization?






1. Ohio, which claims the Wright Brothers because they lived in Dayton, even if they didn’t make their first flight there.

2. Greensboro, Goldsboro, Asheboro.

3. True. “Mrs. Royall’s Southern Tour”mentions “the Red Necks, a name bestowed upon the Presbyterians in Fayetteville.” A prolific and obstreperous author, Anne Royall detested Presbyterians, describing them as “blue-skins,” “blackcoats” and “copper-heads.” Royall’s cursing at Presbyterian proselytizers near her home in Washington resulted in her becoming the first American ever convicted of being a “common scold.” (She was fined $10.)

4. Dizzy Gillespie.

5. The Ku Klux Klan. On a single night that year the Klan burned crosses at courthouses or city halls in Oxford, Currie, Wards Corner, Burgaw, Roxboro, Salisbury, Henderson, Statesville, Tarboro, Whiteville, Elizabethtown, Southport and Wilmington.