So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 51

1. Why did “Proud to be Bucolic” appear on bumper stickers in Winston-Salem in the 1980s?

2. What president instructed that redwoods and sequoias be planted in Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

3. What 1958 hit record by Dunn native Link Wray was banned in New York and Boston for fear it would incite teenage gang violence?

4. True or false: Under Jim Crow, black passengers were seated in the front of airplanes because the back was considered safer.

5. Nina Simone, best known for her recording of “I Loves You, Porgy,” was born in the same town where DuBose Heyward, author of the novel “Porgy,” died — what was it?

Answers below





1. After R. J. Reynolds Tobacco bought Nabisco, CEO F. Ross Johnson criticized Winston-Salem as too “bucolic” and moved company headquarters to Atlanta.

2. FDR. The experiment failed.

3. “Rumble,” a throbbing guitar instrumental that introduced the seminal “power chord” to rock ‘n’ roll. Peter Townsend of The Who: “If it hadn’t been for Link Wray and ‘Rumble,’ I never would have picked up a guitar.”

4. True.

5. Tryon.


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