Photo-Sound Associates photo of the week: Mike Seeger, Bob Yellin, and Ralph Rinzler in Washington Square


Image Folder PF-20239/090_01: Mike Seeger, Bob Yellin, and Ralph Rinzler, Washington Square jam session, NYC, ca. 1960. Photo by Ray Sullivan for Photo-Sound Associates.

Wilson Library has a new Tumblr!  To christen the site, the Southern Folklife Collection kicked off a weekly feature highlighting images from the Photo-Sound Associates photographs in the Ron Cohen Collection (20239). The Photo-Sound Associates photographs are black-and-white 35mm roll film negatives, documenting the folk revival movement in and around New York City that were taken by Aaron Rennert and Ray Sullivan. Photo-Sound Associates was organized by Rennert, Sullivan, and Joel Katz in Greenwich Village in connection with Lee Hoffman and Caravan magazine. Rennert and Sullivan did the photography, while Katz recorded the concerts. Bonus image, 20239_pf0090_01_0006, below. You didn’t need a banjo to join in at Washington Square Park. One string fiddle!  For more images, see the Ron Cohen Collection (20239).