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  1. Very nice profile. brings back a lot of memories for me. Matokie Slaughter was my grandmother and I even remember the picture being taken. Spent most of my childhood with her and even learn how to play the banjo by her. Would be happy to answer any questions that anyone would like to know plus I have all of her musical instruments.

  2. My father recorded at Diamond records for Lillian as she wanted to produce a singer more like elvis. Wallys sound was much like that of Elvis and she wanted to get him out there. Im looking for any photos related to Trumpet records. Can anyone share?
    Thank you!

  3. Hey,
    who is the author of the picture “Stevens Minstrels”? I would like to use it in
    a book and need more informations…
    Thanks and Greetings

    1. Hello Mr. Schroeder. That image was on loan from UNC professor Phillip F. Gura. Professor Gura also wrote the 199 book, America’s Instrument: The Banjo in the Ninteenth Century. I am uncertain who the photographer is. This is the caption of the image:
      “Stevens’ Minstrels (late 19th-early 20th century). Carbon print. Probably Homesteaders or loggers (note cleared hill, behind). White fiddler and African American banjo player. Oddly, no women in the image, though young children are present. From the collection of Philip Gura.”

  4. Aaron, your March 23, 2012 picture of Mike Seeger and Elizabeth Cotten is reversed – Seeger was right handed and Cotton left handed. Sorry if you already spotted this, but I’ve only just seen the picture, Bill

  5. I come at you with a different kind of question – I was Ed Kahn´s best friend at Oberlin College (1955), I remember him plucking the banjo, also playing the stock market, if there anyone out there who could tell me about his life, and his decease, I would be much obliged – from Portugal, John H. Wolf

    1. Dear Mr. Wolf,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kahn personally, I have the privilege of regularly researching in his collection of work. Details about Ed’s career can be seen in the finding aid for the Ed Kahn Collection (20360) here,Ed.html
      That’s probably the best place to start. Please email with other questions.
      My wife graduated from Oberlin in 2000 and we look forward to heading there in a couple of months for her 15th reunion.
      Have a great day,

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