Who Am I?—Ryder Cup edition

I don’t follow or play golf myself, but I did hear the news this weekend that the United States won its first Ryder Cup since 1999. That reminded me of some Hugh Morton images from the 1951 Ryder Cup, played in Pinehurst, N.C. (which the U.S. also won).

Members of 1951 U.S. Ryder Cup team

I have a list of the team members (below), but can anyone help me attach names to faces in these images? I know a few of them, and could probably fill the rest in a bit of research, but I thought I’d test the golf knowledge of our readership.
Team United States (list from Wikipedia): Sam Snead (Captain), Clayton Heafner, Ed Oliver, Ben Hogan, Jack Burke, Jr., Henry Ransom, Lloyd Mangrum, Jimmy Demaret, Skip Alexander

Members of 1951 U.S. Ryder Cup Team

6 thoughts on “Who Am I?—Ryder Cup edition”

  1. Elizabeth:
    Here is my guess for the Ryder Cup photos:
    Top Picture: (Left to Right)
    Lloyd Mangrum (He is out of the frame, but you can see his nose and he has his arm around Henry Ransom)
    Henry Ransom
    Clayton Heafner
    Sam Snead (with trophy)
    Skip Alexander
    Ben Hogan
    Jimmy Demaret
    Ed Oliver
    Bottom Picture: (Left To Right)
    Lloyd Mangrum
    Henry Ransom
    I don’t believe that Jack Burke, Jr. is in either of these two pictures.

  2. Elizabeth:
    I just ran across the top Ryder Cup picture in Hugh’s 2003 book on page 177. The book picture is a little wider shot than the one in your post. It includes Jack Burke, Jr. on the far left I believe I have the other names correct.

  3. Stumbled on this article while researching some material for our Golf CLub in Morris county NJ. I thought i would find the answer here… strangely enough we had the same question! …

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