Newt Gingrich within arm's reach of goal

We like to stay current here at A View to Hugh as much as possible, pairing historical images with current events or anniversaries of notable occasions.  This past weekend’s news just begged for today’s featured Hugh Morton photograph (which I have been secretly chomping at the bit to post for several weeks).  Carpe Diem!  The winds of politics shift quickly, so today we bring you . . . Newt Gingrich and Gerry.

Newt Gingrich and Gerry at Grandfather Mountain
New Gingrich and Gerry during a visit to Grandfather Mountain on 29 August 1995.

No insider political treats here: Mr. Gingrich has had a longtime love for animals and zoos, and his website “Gingrich Productions” even has a webpage called “Newt’s Favorite Zoos“—which includes the North Carolina Zoo that he describes as “the best kept secret in the zoo world.”
Like Newt, Gerry is still alive and kicking.  According to the Grandfather Mountain website, “Even at age 20, Gerry is still very spry and acts like a bear half her age.  Even though she is very patient, she does not hesitate to let her keepers know when they aren’t moving fast enough with her very distinctive and adorable moaning.” Perhaps Newt and Gerry are kindred spirits?
You can “adopt” Gerry through the Grandfather Mountain’s Adopt an Animal program. I don’t believe Mr. Gingrich is similarly available, although heading into the Florida Republican Party primary, I’m certain he’d accept donations, too.

4 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich within arm's reach of goal”

  1. Newt arrived at the gate as a paying customer. Someone there recognized him and called Mr. Morton. Mr. Morton grabbed a camera and ran out to find the Speaker.

  2. The Newt Gingrich picture can also be found in Hugh’s 1996 book, “Sixty Years with a Camera.” The picture, which according to Hugh was taken during Labor Day weekend of 1995, can be found on page 20.

  3. Thanks, Jack. I’ve added the reference to “Sixty Years” in the online record, but left the date of 29 August 1995 unchanged. Elizabeth may have gotten that date from the item itself, but since I don’t know the date’s source I’m letting that as is. I looked in Morton’s appointment calendar for 1995, but there’s no mention of Gingrich’s visit on either the August 29th or during the Labor Day weekend.

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