World Photography Day, 2021

Hugh Morton showing his camera to a child
Hugh Morton showing his camera to a child. An unknown photographer made this photograph during Morton’s World War II service with the 161st Signal Photographic Company in the Pacific Islands.

Today is World Photography Day, and thus a good day to revive A View to Hugh. During the past year and a half, I needed to take a hiatus from this blog because it was close to impossible to write posts while working from home. A few days ago I returned to working inside Wilson Library (that is, not from home) where I now have regular access to the Morton collection and, in some ways even more importantly, research material to consult when writing the stories that accompany Morton’s photographs. I’m still getting settled into a new office within the building, so this will not be a long post . . . just something to say the blog is still alive.

I hope you have an opportunity to make a photograph on this annual celebration.  If you post a photograph to a social media platform, remember tag it #WorldPhotographyDay.  If you are not making a photograph, but would like to explore the world using your computer, you may browse the online collection of Morton’s photographs by location, including nearly 150 images from the South Pacific.

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