Happy Birthday To Us!

Boy blowing out birthday candles, circa 1940

Just a quick note to say that November 1 marks A View to Hugh‘s 1st birthday. In our first year, we’ve written 71 posts and received 316 comments (the non-spam ones). Thanks as always for your interest and participation, and keep on reading and commenting!

(By the way, does anyone know who this is? Looks like Hugh — is it one of his brothers?)

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Us!

  1. Elizabeth, et al. Thanks for a great year of wonderful photographs, posts and information! Spending this past year with the A View to Hugh study has been a blessing to me, a ol’ native Tar Heel. I pray God’s favor and blessing upon all you guys there at the Hugh Morton project and Happy Birthday!

  2. Stephen, Elizabeth, David, and Amber:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations as you complete year one of “A View To Hugh.” The 71 posts have provided some great information and have given your readers some fun things to think about. Your birthday/anniversary offers an excellent opportunity to look back on your year and add some additional thoughts and comments. So, over the next few days I’ll do just that.

  3. Congratulations!

    I’m a relatively new reader of course but I’ve enjoyed it.

    One thing I’d like to see discussed a bit more is the process. I’ve been involved in scanning a lot of slides for the family, and to me the scanning is the least part of the process – identifying the content is the tough part (as you well illustrate) – but then, what do you use to attach the metadata to the digital information? If separate files, how do you keep them related? Questions like that are interesting topics, to me.

  4. Tim, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll be addressing those very topics soon, as we begin the process of pulling some of the Morton images into CONTENTdm, the Libraries’ digital collection management system, that’s used (for example) for our NC Maps project. Stay tuned.

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