Dancing with the Tar Heels

Most people know that sometime North Carolina resident (but always fabulous) Kristi Yamaguchi won the 2008 Dancing with the Stars competition. Will lightning strike twice for the Tar Heel state? We’ve got a good shot because the always competitive Lawrence Taylor (UNC ’81) is one of the contestants this year. In his college and pro career LT was known as speedy, aggressive, and tenacious. How will those characteristics enhance the foxtrot, rumba, and the nine other dances in the competition? I wondered if LT was a dancer earlier in life, so I consulted his two autobiographies, LT: Living on the Edge and LT Over the Edge. Neither mentions dancing, but he did form a casual singing group, D’Fellas, with some high school buddies. If LT needs guidance for his transformation from athlete to dancer, he can check out Kristi’s 2008 blog entries. The rest of us can mark our calendars for March 9th, the start of the new season.