New Towns Added to NC Postcards

This past month, we’ve added images from several new towns to the North Carolina Postcards online collection.  New towns include:

Micro, Johnston County
Jonesboro, Lee County
Ruffin, Rockingham County
King, Stokes County
Fuquay-Varina, Wake County
Elm City, Wilson County

My favorite new town name is that of Micro – according to Powell’s North Carolina Gazetteer (p. 321), the town was incorporated in 1899 under the name Jerome.  In Bladen County, there is another town named Jerome, so in 1905, Johnston County’s Jerome was renamed to Micro in order to avoid confusion.

According to Powell’s Gezetteer, the name Micro is explicitly referring to the town’s geographic size and population.  The 13th Census of the United States, Abstract with Supplement for North Carolina lists the town’s population as 61 in 1900 and 74 in 1910.  The United States Census Bureau lists the 2007 population as 514.