Kings Mountain Postcard–Help!

The image below is from the NC Postcard Collection. If you click on the image, you can find out a little more information on the postcard, but we’re putting it on the blog because we need your help. Does anyone recognize the man included in the inset on the left? This isn’t a quiz or “Who the Heel” posting—we really don’t know. If you have a guess (or hopefully an answer), leave it as a comment. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Kings Mountain Postcard–Help!”

  1. Could it be William Symmes Richardson who designed the obelisk for McKim, Meade, and White, the architects? (They were the leading firm of the day.)

  2. Neat, I hadn’t realized MMW was the firm behind the Kings Mountain monument. I’ll to see if I can find out more about him and his work on the project …

  3. One guess could be Lyman Draper, the man who wrote the definitive account of the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1881, but the monument designer seems a likelier bet to me.

  4. How about one of the speakers for the dedication.

    Could it be: Gov.s Kitchen or Ansell? Senators Overman or Smith? Congressmen Finley or Webb? I’m betting it is Dr. Henry N. Snyder, the young president of Wofford College who was the featured speaker–but then, I don’t know what any of these men look like.

    For information on the dedication, see

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