100-year-old candidate peered through ‘revolutionary’ lens

On this day in 1990: Dr. Henry Stenhouse, a Goldsboro ophthalmologist, announces his candidacy for Congress. At 100, Stenhouse is perhaps the oldest person ever to run for office in North Carolina. “I’m a revolutionary,” says Stenhouse, who opposes welfare, seat-belt laws and AIDS research.

After a campaign that includes an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” Stenhouse finishes third in a three-man race for the Republican nomination, although he handily carries Goldsboro and Wayne County. He will live to be 105.


4 thoughts on “100-year-old candidate peered through ‘revolutionary’ lens”

  1. I guess I am the first to reply. I assume it will show the date I reply March 10, 2016. They have been running the tonight show since the beginning of the year. They are rerunning the show that he was on tonight. Amazing that he would be against aid research. Was he anti gay.

  2. Interesting..The year now is 2016 and I am watching a rerun of The Johnny Carson Show and the guest is Dr. Stenhouse..I had to smile that he financed his entire campaign and placed the donations he received in separate bank account..With the political circus and upheaval going on today..politicians could learn a lot from this old gentleman

  3. This episode of the Tonight Show also repeated on Monday, May 24, 2021 over the Antenna TV network. I live in Lumberton, NC

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