Everything’s just peachy…recipes from the collection.

Peach kuchen - Historic Moores Creek Cook Book

Peach Kuchen from Historic Moores Creek Cook Book : a collection of old and new recipes.

Peach and Sour Cream Pie - Sweet Carolina

Peach and Sour Cream Pie from Sweet Carolina : favorite desserts and candies from the Old North State.

Peachy Pickle Chicken - A Taste of the Old and the New

Peachy Pickle Chicken from A Taste of the old and the new.

Peach Crisps - Granny's Drawers

Peach Crisps from Granny’s drawers : four generations of family favorites.

Mellicotten - The Lost Colony Cookbook

Mellicotten from The lost colony cookbook : 400 years of fine food & feasts in the Old World & the New.

Ginger Peach Froth - Pass the Plate

Ginger Peach Froth from Pass the plate : the collection from Christ Church.

Peach Superb - Peace Cookbook

Peach Superb from Peace cookbook.


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