A ‘Goat Gland’ Brinkley movie! (What took so long?)

“On 1902, a shoeless boy from the Great Smoky Mountains stood before the dean at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine…..His name was John Romulus Brinkley, he was 17 years old, and he wanted to be a doctor. The dean surveyed the boy and cruelly laughed. He said the boy had better run on home to North Carolina [Jackson County], because doctors weren’t made from people like Brinkley….”

— From “The Strange, True Tale of the Old-Timey Goat Testicle-Implanting Governor” by Penny Lane in the Daily Beast (Sept. 16)

Doctors, no — giants of quackery, yes.

You can help director Lane complete her “seductive and entertaining as hell” biopic on Dr. Brinkley —  pithily titled “NUTS!” — by pledging at Kickstarter.