Fall recipes for the new season.

Switchel or Harvest Drink - Progressive Farmer

Switchel or Harvest Drink from The Progressive farmer’s southern cookbook.

Autumn Apple French Toast - North Carolina Bed & Breakfast Cookbook

Autumn Apple French Toast from North Carolina bed & breakfast cookbook.

Fall Cookies - Cooking on the Cutting Edge

Fall Cookies from Cooking on the cutting edge.

harvest fruit mold - Chapel Hill Cook Book

Harvest Fruit Mold from The Junior Service League’s Chapel Hill cook book : tried and tested recipes.

Harvest Skillet Pork Chops - Family Circle

Harvest Skillet Pork Chops from The Family circle cookbook.

Autumn Stuffing - The Cat Who...Cookbook

Autumn Stuffing from The cat who– cookbook.

Harvest Pumpkin Pie - Heavenly Delights

Harvest Pumpkin Pie from Heavenly delights.

Autumn Roasted Chicken with Fruit Compote - Cooking on the Cutting Edge

Autumn Roasted Chicken with Fruit Compote from Cooking on the cutting edge.

Slavery over? Not for blacks drafted for road gang

On this day in 1865: The Raleigh Daily Standard reports on what may be the state’s first road gang, organized under the military government immediately following the Civil War:

“The military on yesterday picked up a large number of gentlemen of color, who were loitering about the street corners, apparently much depressed by ennui and general lassitude of the nervous system, and, having armed them with spades and shovels, set them to play at street cleaning for the benefit of their own health and the health of the town generally.

“This is certainly ‘a move in the right direction’ for the indolent, lazy Sambo, who lies about in the sunshine and neglects to seek employment by which to make a living, is undoubtedly ‘the right man in the right place’ when enrolled in the spade and shovel brigade.”