Recipes for your Valentine

Don’t have your Valentine’s reservation set yet?  Can’t decide on the perfect place?  Try dinning in this year.

Lovely Vegetables - Progressive Farmer

Image from The Progressive farmer’s southern cookbook.

Italian Love Cake - Cooking on the Cutting Edge

Italian Love Cake from Cooking on the cutting edge.

Heart-Shaped Scones with Currants - the fearrington house cookbook

Heart-Shaped Scones with Currants from The Fearrington House cookbook : a celebration of food, flowers, and herbs.

Sweetheart Cookies - Best of the Best

Sweetheart Cookies from Best of the best from North Carolina : selected recipes from North Carolina’s favorite cookbooks.

Edwina's Chocolate Seduction Pie-A Dash of Down East

Edwina’s Chocolate Seduction Pie from A dash of Down East.

Brunch for Two - Love Yourself Cookbook

Brunch for Two from Love yourself cookbook : easy recipes for one or two.

Angel kiss cake - The Charlotte Cookbook

Angel Kiss Cake from The Charlotte cookbook.

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