Revealing X-ray

Grady Cole and Neva Jane Langley
Grady Cole and Neva Jane Langley, Miss America 1953, during the 1954 Wilmington Azalea Festival

Today marks the discovery of the X-Ray . . . and a post that reveals the story behind A View to Hugh mystery from 2008.  On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was the first person to observe X-rays.  This important scientific discovery ultimately led to the Hugh Morton photograph seen above, cropped as it appeared in the Wilmington Morning Star on March 31st, 1954. (You can see the full-negative version with its descriptive information by clicking on the photograph.)
Back in April 2008, Elizabeth Hull included this photograph in a Who Am I? post for the Azalea Festival.  Lots of comments from readers eventually led Elizabeth to discover that the woman was Neva Jane Langley, Miss America 1953.  One commenter speculated that Langley and Grady Cole might be holding an X-ray related to a tuberculosis display at the 1954 Azalea festival.
Today’s science anniversary prompted me to search for the word “X-ray” in the