Where the Heel?, Part XIV

In the responses to our last “Where the Heel?” people began discussing the use of the same slogan for different places. With that in mind, I think it is important to note that apparently all roads lead to…more than one place in North Carolina. In February we featured Wide Awake Wilson as the “Where the Heel?” location with this slogan. Do you know which other North Carolina location was advertised with a version of the same phrase? To make it more fair, I’ve also given you one of the secondary slogans from the same brochure. If you know the location that fills in both of the blanks below, leave it as a comment. Happy guessing!

17 thoughts on “Where the Heel?, Part XIV”

  1. Another good guess and on the correct side of the state, but not it. The correct locale is southwest of Nags Head by over 100 miles (as the crow flies). I think the original poster of this entry can maybe provide a better clue. We’ll try to get that up soon.

  2. Sorry, it isn’t New Bern or Oriental. You’re closer, but they’re both too far north. Jason gave a pretty good clue yesterday, but I’ll give you one, too. I added the third slogan used on the brochure to help you out to the original post (yep, this particular item was loaded with good slogans). I also added a photo that was in the brochure, just for fun. Keep on guessing, but if nobody gets it by this afternoon, I promise I’ll post the “give away clue.”

  3. You are correct, Gene! And if anyone is looking for an excuse to visit, I have one for you. This weekend Carolina Beach is hosting the 13th annual Pleasure Island Chowder Cook-off!

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