Sparrow’s Pool, Carrboro

Above is a postcard showing Joe Sparrow’s swimming pool, located in Carrboro on Old Pittsboro Road.  There’s a diving platform, and the pool house is visible in the background.  The caption on the back of the card notes that the pool was filled with water from the University reservoir.

7 thoughts on “Sparrow’s Pool, Carrboro”

  1. Sweet! Didn’t know there was another Carrboro card in the postcard collection! You should show this to Mark Chilton if he comes around…I know he’s got a copy of the other carrboro card, and would probably be interested in seeing this one.

  2. I haven’t come across any other postcards of Carrboro – although there is one of the Carr’s farm in Hillsborough.

    According to Carrboro, N.C., An Architectural & Historical Inventory by Claudia Roberts Brown (Cp 971.68 C31b), the pool was built by the Sparrow family at the end of WWI. The pool closed in WWII, but it’s still standing today.

  3. There is one recent postcard that was printed displaying the mural that was formerly on the side of Jade Palace. It was painted over by a spiteful person who has fled to California. I’ll try to find my copy and send it to Bridget.

  4. Sparrow’s Pool was one of our favorite places to go in the 50’s and early 60’s. Lots of fun days!!!

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