Recipes from the collection in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's salad - Favorite Recipes of Women's Fellowship of The United Church

St. Patrick’s Salad from Favorite recipes.

Irish Pigs in Blanket-The Pantry Shelf

Irish Pigs in Blanket from The Pantry shelf : 1907-1982.

Green Punch - The Charlotte Cookbook

Green Punch from The Charlotte cookbook.

Mrs. Coyle's Irish bread - Classic Cookbook of Duke Hospital

Mrs. Coyle’s Irish Bread from Classic cookbook.

Top of the Morning Muffins - Pass the Plate

Top of the Morning Muffins from Pass the plate : the collection from Christ Church.

Whiskey Balls - Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear

Whiskey Balls from Favorite recipes of the Lower Cape Fear.

Whiskey sour punch - The Charlotte Cookbook

Whiskey Sour Punch from The Charlotte cookbook.

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