Waste not, want not…recipes from the collection.

Larrapin Tongue with Blackberry Sauce - Southern Cookbook

Larrapin Tongue with Blackberry Sauce from Marion Brown’s southern cook book.

Liver and Bacon Bake - Mountain Elegance

Liver and Bacon Bake from Mountain elegance : a collection of favorite recipes.

Scrapple - Mountain Makin's in the Smokies

Scrapple from Mountain makin’s in the Smokies : a cook book.

Head Cheese - Keepers of the Hearth

Head Cheese from Keepers of the hearth : based on records, ledgers and shared recipes of the families connected with Mill Prong House, Edinborough Road, Hoke County, North Carolina.

fresh tongue - Dixie Dishes

Fresh Tongue from Dixie dishes

Calf's Feet - The Young Housewife's Counselor and Friend

Calf’s Feet from The young housewife’s counsellor and friend : containing directions in every department of housekeeping; including the duties of wife and mother.

Brains Terrapin - Southern Cookbook

Brains Terrapin from Marion Brown’s southern cook book.

Chitterlings - America Cooks

Chitterlings from America cooks : practical recipes from 48 states.

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