Holiday in the stacks: Won't someone think of the children? Nat "King" Cole never forgets.

45_1179_Little boy santa claus forgot_2_Nat King ColeAnother treat from the stacks spinning at 45 rpm. This Capitol promo record, call no. 45-1179, has one of the most famous versions of one of the most famous holiday tunes ever written, appropriately titled “The Christmas Song,” but it’s this b-side that really brings on the tears. Especially as Nat King Cole goes into the spoken word section in the middle of the track.45_1179_The little boy that Santa Claus forgot_Nat King Cole
We make no apologies for our sentimentality and this tune hits hard. We thank you readers for all your support of the Southern Folklife Collection over the past year. We’re not checking out just yet, still got some work to for the upcoming SFC Fiddle Concert and Symposium, January 11 and 12 (Free tickets available now from the Memorial Hall Box Office), and we still have a few more holiday treats to share. But for now I’ll let Mr. Cole sing us out.45_1179_Nat King Cole_Christmas Song