78 rpm disc of the week: McFarland and Gardner

78_11592_McFarland and Gardner_Southern Folklife Collection_UNC Chapel HillSome excellent classic, old-time country from Robert McFarland and Lester Gardner for you readers today. Also known as “Mac and Bob,” the duo met at the Kentucky School for the Blind in the early 1920s and recorded over 200 songs for Brunswick and other labels. They appeared regularly on the WLS Barn Dance for twenty years, retiring in 1950. Originally recorded but rejected by Brunswick, we digitized these two tracks from a disc on the Australian imprint, Regal Zonophone, SFC call no. 78-11592. “The Hut on the Back of the Lot” is at the top of the list for one of my favorite songs of 2014. Life lessons from “Little Ned.” This one’s for dear old Dad. 78_11592_The_hut_at_the_back_of_the_lot