Josiah Bailey, father of modern conservatism?

“Taking the offensive [in 1937], Josiah Bailey, the North Carolina senator, issued a ‘manifesto’ demanding tax cuts and a balanced budget, and heralding private enterprise and states’ rights. Bailey hoped to reenergize the bipartisan coalition that had beaten [FDR’s plan to pack the Supreme Court] and, ultimately, to spark a political realignment. Though the manifesto failed in this, it would come over time to serve as something of a mission statement for modern conservatism.”

— From “Supreme Power: Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court” by Jeff Shesol (2010)

One thought on “Josiah Bailey, father of modern conservatism?”

  1. Bailey had been the editor of the Biblical Recorder before replacing Furnifold Simmons in the U.S. Senate.

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