The Uplift, Stonewall Jackson Training School

As a quick addition to my post and Lew Powell’s comment, here is the cover page from volume 1, number 1 of The Uplift.

Students at the training school worked in several industries, including a print shop, which produced The Uplift. Click on the following link to see the library catalog record for this title: The Uplift [microfilm serial].

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  1. I was at SJTS for several years in the early ’60s. I am trying to set up a NEW PAGE and will appreciate any info gathered. I have a copy of the original JTS book from the state archive. People can view other JTS at the archives. I want people to gather as a collective with TRUE stories. If you were there, then you should remember many things. Now is the time to bring it all out! I read the civil action that the Taylor family filed. It is so full of lies it’s not funny. I was on the back of that truck and know a few others who were on it as well. All of us saw what happened.
    The truth will come out.

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