NC one of Americans’ favorite states

The Tar Heel state can proudly claim its place in the top 10 of favorite states. That’s according to polling by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling. In surveys conducted since October, Public Policy Polling has asked voters nationally for their impressions of each state. Hawaii grabbed the number 1 spot, with 54 percent of respondents viewing the Aloha State positively and 10 percent viewing it negatively. Colorado and Tennessee took second and third, respectively. The only other state south of the Mason-Dixon to rank in the top 10 was Virginia, which grabbed fifth, with 45 percent of respondents holding a favorable view of the state and 13 percent holding a negative view. Truth be told, NC has to share 10th place with Pennsylvania. Both states earned favorable ratings from 40 percent of respondents and unfavorable ratings from 11 percent of respondents.

Black voters ranked North Carolina second to Hawaii as their favorite state. Forty-two percent of African-American respondents held a positive view of North Carolina and eight percent held a negative view. In fact, North Carolina was one of only three states from the eleven-state South that earned a favorable rating. Virginia and Tennessee also scored more positive ratings than negative ones.