Yearbook Photos of North Carolina Gubernatorial Candidates

Having a hard time deciding who to vote for for Governor? If the various campaign ads and claims have you confused, here’s a much less contentious way of looking at the candidates.

Both Walter Dalton and Pat McCrory show up in the North Carolina College and University Yearbooks collection available on Dalton was a 1971 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, while McCrory graduated from Catawba College in 1978.

The Dalton photo is from the 1971 Yackety Yack, the McCrory from the 1975 edition of the Sayakini.

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  2. This post is not intended to be published. John Blythe stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. That’s where your culture and history is.

  3. Mr. Blythe: Then what on earth does your yearbook photos have to do with the election or how we should be influenced to vote? agenda much?

  4. Pat McCrory graduated from Catawba in 1978. I know because I graduated from there the same year. The point is: we are comparing a photo of Dalton’s senior year picture vs. McCrory’s sophmore picture. Seems a bit apples vs. oranges since a person’s senior photo will normally be more polished and professional looking. Was this intentional?

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