Research Triangle Park offers first change in plans since 1959

Image from Master Plan for Research Triangle Park
Research Triangle Park leaders unveiled plans today to update “mom and dad’s research park.” The 68-page document lays out steps for denser development of the park and the creation of a wider range of amenities. The plan is a response to concerns that there is little land left for development in the 7,000 acre park and that RTP lacks restaurants, shops and other services for its employees. As the News and Observer reports, the update is the first change to the master plan since legislators approved the development of research park in 1959.

1898 Plymouth Newspaper Gives Endorsements in Verse

Flipping through some issues of the Roanoke Beacon (Plymouth, N.C.) from 1898, I found their endorsements for the coming election, which were given entirely in verse. I don’t recall see anything like this in other papers. What a shame that it didn’t catch on.

From the Roanoke Beacon issue published November 4, 1898.

Blackout babies? UNC sociologist investigated

“ ‘It is evidently pleasing to many people,’ said Richard Udry, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina who studied post-blackout birth rates, ‘to fantasize that when people are trapped by some immobilizing event which deprives them of their usual activities, most will turn to copulation.’

“Udry’s [1970] study found that the blackout babies of 1966 were…. ”

— From “Will there be a Hurricane Sandy baby boom?”  by Matt Soniak at Mental Floss (Nov. 8) 

Dr. Udry, whose career covered much more than blackout babies,  died July 29 in Chapel Hill at age 83.