New in the collection: 1936 GOP convention photo

Wire service photo from 1936 convention with someone holding sign that reads "North Carolina, Off the Rocks with Landon and Knox"
Wire photo of Junius H. Harden, delegate from Graham in Alamance County, at the 1936 Republican National Convention.


Hats off to the enthusiastic sign maker, but the 1936 Republican presidential ticket foundered both nationally and in North Carolina. Alf Landon, Kansas governor, and Frank Knox, Chicago newspaper publisher, won only Maine and Vermont against incumbents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner.

In 1928 Harden, co-founder of Alamance County’s short-lived streetcar system (Piedmont Railway & Electric, 1912-1922), had come close to ousting nine-term Democratic Congressman Charles Manly Stedman. [Thanks to Melissa Nasea, history collections librarian at ECU, for pointing out that I was a century off about Piedmont Railway & Electric. It’s now corrected.]

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