New essay, new look

eleanor_thumbFirst and foremost, we’re thrilled to announce the availability of the second essay in our Worth 1,000 Words series: it’s by former University Archivist Janis Holder and is entitled Covering the Beat: The University in the WWII Era. Please read, enjoy, share, and comment!
Secondly, you may have noticed that “A View to Hugh” has gotten a bit of a makeover! We’ve upgraded to a new “theme” in WordPress, but tried to maintain much of the original look, feel and functionality. The most pressing reason for this upgrade was to better accommodate our essays, which you will see now occupy their own section of the V2H website. The essays are now posted as their own pages, rather than as traditional posts.
For those of you who might be missing the old V2H look, you should also know that our original WordPress theme was “orphaned” and had become out-of-date and cumbersome to use. Our new theme is sleeker, much more functional, and allows for larger images and neat widgets like the new Digital Collection RSS feed in the right sidebar, which allows you to peruse recent additions to the ever-expanding Hugh Morton Digital Collection. It was time for a change, and we hope you find it one for the better.

2 thoughts on “New essay, new look”

  1. I know you know that Dr. Frank Graham and Lou Harris (pollster) are the two people with Eleanor Roosevelt. I believe Lou was Pres. of the student body at the time.
    You didn’t say, but that’s Orville Campbell in the DTH group holding the issue of the DTH with the NROTC Cadets on the front.

  2. I like the new format, Elizabeth, and congratulations on Series 3. It seems like you reach a new plateau each week.

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