“Clang, clang, clang went the trolley”

Workmen on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh recently dug up a part of the city’s past. Long buried under the asphalt, a set of steel tracks remind us of the days when getting around in Raleigh, as in most other cities in the United States, meant a ride on the trolley. Owned by Carolina Power and Light, trolley lines radiated out, carrying folks from downtown to the “burbs.” According to an article by WRAL news, the trolley sytem remained in place until the early 1930s when it was replaced by the automobile.

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  1. There’s a button in the collection that reads “I’m from Raleigh / State Fair Special.” In the matte blank space for the wearer’s name is inked “J. S. Bloodworth.” Although I was told it was a streetcar item, I know there have been numerous “State Fair Special” trains and buses from out of town.

  2. At its peak, the Greensboro trolley system had 24 operating trolley cars and 12 miles of track.

    1902-1909 – Greensboro Electric Co. (Service began July 11, 1902))

    1909-1927 – North Carolina Public Service Co.

    1927-1932 – North Carolina Public Service Co. (Duke Power Co.)

    1932-1934 – Southern Public Utilities Co. (Duke Power Co.)

    1934-1956 – Duke Power Co.
    Streetcar service ended July 14, 1934.
    Duke Power Co. operated trolley-buses beginning July 15, 1934. Service ended June 5, 1956
    Duke Power Co, continued to operate conventional bus service until 1991, when the Greensboro Transit Authority assumed operations.

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