What’s in a burger name? Potential for confusion

No date on this 3-inch pinback button, but the typography and the vaguely Space Age rendering of a pickle-topped hamburger suggest 1960 or so. (Is that cheese or lettuce squashed beneath the patty? Regardless, doesn’t it belong  on top?)

Surprisingly, this cluster of Concord-based What-A-Burger stores (not all of which survive) is unrelated to  either the Texas-based Whataburger chain or the Virginia-based What-A-Burger chain — though all three date back to the 1950s and specialize in jumbo burgers that compared with Big Macs might qualify as artisanal.


One thought on “What’s in a burger name? Potential for confusion”

  1. Interesting, I never knew there were multiple Whataburger chains. I’ve only seen the orange ones while driving around Texas.

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