After Charlotte the circle wasn’t unbroken

I hadn’t known the Original Carter Family performed together for the last time during a stint on WBT in Charlotte in 1942-43.

According to Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? The Carter Family & Their Legacy in American Music (2002) by Mark Zwonitzer, with Charles Hirshberg, “When the Carters moved to Charlotte…there wasn’t a house or apartment to be rented, so A.P., Sara, Ezra, Maybelle and the girls moved into the Roosevelt Hotel.

“Their radio show aired live, as the farmers got up and got going, from 5:15 to 6:15. Monday through Saturday, the Carters wakened before dawn, fixed biscuits and gravy in the little kitchenette and made their way to the station. After the morning show Helen and June would take the Piedmont & Northern railroad out to Paw Creek High School.”

In her 1979 autobiography June Carter Cash recalled that she had gone on her first date in Charlotte: “That young man just marched right into the Roosevelt Hotel, straight up to my daddy, and asked him.”

When their contract at WBT expired in March 1943, the Original Carter Family disbanded forever. June wrote that she left Charlotte  “kicking and screaming and clinging to friends I’d never forget.”